Thursday, October 19, 2017

Happy International Gin and Tonic Day!

According to Dr. Caligari's Cabinet today is International Gin and Tonic Day (not to be confused with International Gin Day). To celebrate here's a video of Jamie Oliver whipping up the ultimate G&T. Sadly, I won't be raising a glass with you because I don't drink gin after Labour Day.

Lunice - O.N.O.

O.N.O. for Lunice is a nostalgic trip through 90s hip hop. It is the first release from an ambitious film-making project by LuckyMe co-founders Dominic Flannigan and Peter Marsden and Apple Music.

LUNICE - O.N.O (Official) from LuckyMe on Vimeo.

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Wafrica: Japanese Kimonos Inspired by West African Culture

Tokyo-based art director Serge Mouangue identified commonalities between Japanese and African cultures during a trip to Japan back in 2007. This was the birth of Wafrica, an African kimono that blends Japanese refinement and attention to detail with West African rhythmic density and vibration.

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“Can’t Help Falling In Love” on a Kalimba

A chilled out version of Elvis Presley’s classic hit played by AcousticTrench on an African musical instrument.

The doggie liked it.

The Complete Bayeux Tapestry

This video by Lindybeige is a  complete guide to the story depicted on the famous Bayeux Tapestry.